San Bu Kai Martial Arts

Welcome to San Bu Kai Martial Arts under our Chief Instructor - Terry Hill

We operate as San Bu Kai Martial Arts Charitable Trust # 2696491 and we are a registered charity cc55603

We are the longest surviving martial arts centre in the Waikato - established since 1981 under Terry Hill. Terry has established himself as a leading referee, judge,coach and trainer in Karate, Kickboxing, Sanda and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). As Chief Instructor for San Bu Kai Dojo, he is responsible for ensuring quality instruction and officiating with all of his instructors and officials.

Our Vision

Quality, excellence and integrity in the martial arts

Mission Statement:

Promoting and supporting the Martial Arts as a way of life


  • to develop self - discipline, self- esteem, self - confidence, self - protection and positive community values through the teaching, training, study and discipline of traditional martial arts (goju ryu karate, kobudo), modern combat sports (kickboxing) and self defence

 Goals and Objectives

  • to instil honesty and integrity along with quality instruction at all levels of an individuals training pathway
  • provide quality instructors
  • provide purpose built training spaces and equipment
  • provide opportunities to reach excellence and gain national and international exposure through events, tournaments, gradings, seminars, camps, coaching and instructing

San Bu Kai Dojo


Kids kickboxing Monday and Wednesday from 5.30 - 6.15, over 12 and adults from 6:30 to 7.30pm.

Kids karate Tuesday and Thursday 5.30 - 6.15, over 12 and adults from 6:30 - 7:30pm. 

Our full-time facility is located at 29 Gilchrist Street, Avalon (Wintech Campus). Come on down and try out some classes - first week (or first 2 classes)is free.

Studio 1: Kickboxing and Women's Circuit

Studio 2: Honbu dojo for Goju Ryu Karate Do New Zealand

Studio 3: Strength and conditioning studio